Becoming The Camracid

C40 Ambient cassette, edition of 100 available from Bandcamp and Norman’s Records.

“Robin Price also goes by the moniker CRX091081GB, which is incredibly memorable and sure to become one of those names that you will love to chant at all of his shows […] It’s pretty interesting stuff” – the Ran$om Note

“pastoral acid ambient…it’s nice, it’s got texture, it’s a wee bit bold.” Stuart Baile – BBC Radio Ulster Across the Line

“the acid is crisp and clear but emerges as little bubbles of sound. There’s almost a romantic element to the synths.” The Acid Ted

“gorgeous and inventive stuff” 9/10 Norman Records

“Jemně “romantickou” elektroniku, která svým synth-koridorem kopíruje stopu (téměř) stejně dobrých Boards of Canada.” / “… almost as good as Boards of Canada.” – МЮZИKK

C40 Cassette

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